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Jan 14


Smart Tips On Used Choosing CV Joints And Axles

Choosing CV Joints And Axles For Your Older Car

CV joints and axles are items that commonly go out on older vehicles. Of course, this always happens long after a warranty will help pay to replace these parts or pay for labor. If you have ever tried to price these critical auto parts, you have probably been shocked by the cost of new parts.

This is true if you purchase them from the original manufacturer or buy after-market parts from a third party vendor. Plus, when you buy after-market parts from an unknown manufacturer, it is not always easy to determine the quality. Some rare vehicles might be hard to fit, and you may have to pay a lot to get the right CV joints and axles too.

Choosing CV Joints And Axles For Older Cars The Smart Way

Here is one other thing to consider. Did you have a problem with your CV joints or axles after your car, truck, or van already had but on 60,000 or more miles? How much longer do you expect to drive that car? If you expect to get another several thousand miles out of your vehicle, does it really make sense to spend the extra money to get brand new auto parts when used parts will be cheaper and do just as well?

Indeed, we can find good quality used CV joints and axles for you in our junk yard. No, having an auto junk yard does not mean that we stock junk. It simply means we take in a lot of vehicles that do not run any more for a variety of reasons. These reasons could mean that:

  • The engine or transmission has gone out.
  • Parts of the body could be damaged in an accident.
  • But they may have have absolutely nothing to do with the quality of CV joints or axles.
  • The vehicle may not have been repaired for the simple reason that the cost of these repairs exceeded the book value of the vehicle.

So you see that it is possible to find a very high quality set of CV joints or axles that were manufactured to fit an auto exactly like yours. If you can find these used, you can assure yourself of getting quality parts at a much lower cost than you would pay for shiny new parts.

Safety Of Buying Used Parts

There should be records kept on parts. These may either detail the year that these parts were made, or it might even include more information about the original vehicle. In some cases, we have even pulled the parts from that original car, truck, or van. We should know the mileage and may even have access to the car’s records.

In addition to knowing something about the history of each part, every customer is invited to join us in visually inspecting used parts. You can even take them to your local mechanic to get his opinion. By combining a visual inspection and studying the records of each part, it should be possible to find the right parts for your vehicle.

Why Call Us For Help With Choosing CV Joints And Axles?

We pride ourselves on being able to find a sensible and affordable solution for every customer. We carry a vast selection of used auto parts, including axles and CV joints for a variety of different vehicles. We also have resources all over the region, and we can often find a part even if we do not have it on site the day that you call or come buy.

So why not stop by to see if we can provide the auto part that you need to fix your car? If you do not care to drive in right away, you can always make a call or send us an email. That gives us time to research your needs and provide you with a selection of good used parts and prices.

We specialize in the business of finding good quality used auto parts for customers. It is our reputation for service, selection, and reliability that has kept us in business. We hope that you will be one of our satisfied customers.

Many of our best customers enjoy finding used auto parts here because we can help them for a lower price. But that is not the only reason we have done business with thousands of satisfied customers. Some of our clients own classic and rare vehicles. It is hard to find the right CV joints or axles for these valuable vehicles at any price, and this is true if a customer is looking for a new or used part.

We can help you find the right auto part for your classic Chevy or collectible old VW bus. Again, if we do not happen to have the exact part onsite, it might be possible for us to uncover it through the networks and relationships we have built up over the years. Another person’s old junk just might be your treasure, and we want to help you find it!

Call On Us Any Time For CV Joints, Axles, And More

There are many reasons to consider purchasing used CV joints, axles, and a variety of other engine parts. These can even include such critical parts as engines and transmissions. Used parts will cost less, and they might be a sensible choice to install in a used vehicle. Why not call us to see if we can help you get the perfect part at the right price?