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Junkyards Have Major Automobile Components


Jan 14


Professional and amateur mechanics, along with car enthusiasts, recognize that a junkyard is the ideal place to locate the major automobile components for restoring nearly any vehicle. An auto salvage yard maintains a huge inventory of automotive parts including used engines, used transmissions, and other valuable salvage parts. The recycled automotive parts available at a junkyard cost just a fraction of the price of new parts.

An auto salvage yard is a treasure chest for anyone rebuilding of vehicle or in need of inexpensive automotive parts. The junkyard is filled with discarded vehicles, partially wrecked cars and trucks, and automobiles that are completely totaled. For an experienced auto parts hunter, the auto salvage yard offers amazing deals. Because a junkyard is in the business of quick turnaround, there is new inventory that arrives every day.

Quality Parts

Mechanics understand that OEM (original equipment from the manufacturer) parts tend to be more reliable when compared to low-quality after-market options. This is because OEM factory parts are made to manufacturer specifications and are often more durable than knockoffs. Because of that, mechanics often use junkyards to source factory parts for standard repair or a restoration project.

Quality parts can be sourced at an auto salvage yard at affordable prices including those for a diesel, hybrid, and specialty engine. This includes used car and truck engines, rear ends, transmissions, cooling systems, brake systems, alternators, steering columns, seats, dashboards and more.

Parts for Older Vehicles

Many times, vehicle owners keep their car or truck years after its expected lifespan. Some individuals keep their vehicle for the memories it holds, or as a hobby. However, maintaining the vehicle to keep it in good working condition requires vehicle parts that are not always available at the auto parts store, simply because of the age of the car or truck. Fortunately, an auto salvage yard maintains an inventory of the major automobile components of hundreds of different truck and car models, available at reasonable prices.

At some point, the auto manufacturer will stop producing parts on their older models. As a result, the only good place to find an automotive part replacement is a junkyard. For the bargain hunter, the auto salvage yard offers a cheap alternative to paying retail. Auto enthusiasts, hoping to find parts for their old vehicles, can reap the rewards of the major automobile components they need when rebuilding or customizing a hot rod.

Recycling a Vehicle

Selling an automobile to an auto salvage yard is an easy way to convert a barely functioning or non-functioning vehicle into cash. The amount of money that is offered is based on the junkyard’s projected value of the vehicle parts through recycling all the major components. Usually, the process of selling the vehicle is quick.

To maintain a huge inventory of the major mobile components for resale, a junkyard will pay cash for nearly every make of used vehicle. Paying top dollar for auto salvage ensures that the junkyard has enough quality used car parts to meet the needs of their customers. In addition to engines, transmissions, radiators, brake systems and other major components, customers can purchase affordable used tires at greatly discounted prices. Nearly every vehicle component is recyclable.

In fact, many individuals purchase wheels and tires at an auto salvage shop. This is because of the huge selection of steel, aluminum and alloy wheels. Many junkyards specialize in late-model car, SUV, van and truck used wheels and tires in the latest sizes and models.

Large Ticket Items

Once the vehicle is paid off, and in need of repair, the owner will be eager to find other sources than the automotive dealership when the engine blows, or the transmission fails. Purchasing a used transmission or engine and having it installed is much cheaper than buying new components. Because of that, many individuals source the inventory at an auto salvage yard as an affordable answer to a serious mechanical problem with nearly any make or model vehicle.

In fact, transmissions and engines in nearly every make and model are available at an automobile salvage yard. This includes older models where parts are no longer available at a traditional auto parts store. In fact, an auto salvage yard is an ideal location to find a rare auto part, or to save a few dollars on repair or restoration.

Sorting through the Inventory

The auto salvage yard will be filled with a variety of cars and trucks in varying conditions of decay. The junkyard inventories all usable parts of every car and truck and records its location in the yard. As a way to save space, the auto salvage yard will often stack one vehicle on top of another, using cranes, or placing them on large industrial metal racks. Many times, extremely valuable parts are removed and stored in the warehouse. This prevents further decay when removing the major automobile components from the outdoor environment.

Junkyards Will Have the Major Automobile Components You Need

Vehicle owners do not need to pay high prices when purchasing auto parts. In addition, mechanics can avoid purchasing cut rate imitation auto parts that often break down after just a few thousand miles. The junkyard offers used factory auto parts available to everyone and just a fraction of its original price. Junkyards carry nearly every make and model of domestic and foreign cars and trucks at very affordable prices. New inventory pieces arrive at the auto salvage shop every business day of the week.