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Understanding How Junk Yards Work


Jan 14


A junk yard is the perfect place to find a part for a vehicle. Parts are available in good condition for a portion of the retail price. There are also parts that are hard to find for older vehicles. This is why if you have an older vehicle or want to save money you need to know how junk yards work. These are good places to find the parts that you need to get your vehicle in fully functional order. Find parts for the internal part of your vehicle or cosmetic parts like bumpers and hoods to help your vehicle look normal if it has been in an accident.

The Basics

How junk yards work starts with one of two different methods for finding a part. The first is that the junk yard employees allow you the option to browse the yard and pull any parts that you want. You have to bring and use your own tools and take off any parts that you want to keep for yourself. When you bring the part to the front you will be charged a price for it. So it is a wise idea to get an idea for how much the part should cost before you go to a junk yard. You want to understand the true value of the cost of parts so that you are not surprised when you have to pay. Another option available is for an employee to pull the part for you. Allow an employee to pull a part for you so that you do not have to go through the hassle of finding a part on your own. If you are not the best at scouting vehicles and pulling parts on your own then this is a good option. The employees will be more than happy to assist you so that you can put the part you need to use.

General Rules

If someone is taking a part off of a vehicle you may want to speak with them first. Before you attempt to remove any other parts from the same vehicle you want to make sure they are fine with you taking the parts. Although there is no rule that does not allow you to pull a separate part it is common courtesy to ask. Some people need multiple parts from the same vehicle. Chances are there are more models located in the yard so it should not be a big problem. Since the person taking parts from the vehicle got there first they have already started all of the hard work for removing parts. Apply common courtesy in the junk yard and someone may do the same for you one day.

Return Policy

Once you purchase a part there is no return policy. You may try and sell a part such as a bumper or hood but things like batteries and motors are final sales. The junk yard does not keep track of the condition of every part inside vehicles. You may take out a battery from a vehicle but there is no guarantee on its condition. It may have an almost full, half, or low charge. Do not expect to come back to the junk yard asking for your money back if you pull a part that is not compatible with your vehicle or that does not work. We try our best to provide customers with quality parts they can use but that does not happen 100% of the time. If you are not an expert with vehicles then it is suggested to bring a mechanic along. Mechanics have a good eye for parts that are still in operational order. Find one that will help you pull parts you can actually use.

No Soliciting

Under no circumstances is soliciting allowed. You cannot pull parts and offer to sell them to people inside the yard. You are not allowed to promote your services as a mechanic on the premises either. In this junk yard you are here to pull parts and that is it. Go ahead and help another person pull a part if they are having a hard time, but do not sell your services to anyone or else you may be asked to leave and not return.


Call ahead of time to ask if we have a particular part or vehicle in stock. We’ll help narrow down whether or not a trip down here is worth your time. Our employees possess a great amount of knowledge on vehicles. Although the part or vehicle you are looking for may not be present they may be able to find a part that will still work for your needs. Let us know what kind of part you are looking for so that we can assess whether or not something that will help you is present. Communicate with our team and you could find what you are looking for with ease.

With a better understanding how junk yards work you should not have a problem coming down and finding what you need. It takes a little time and work but you can restore an old vehicle, or save money by buying parts for a discounted price. Junk yards are great for all types of vehicle owners, new and old. You’d be surprised at the parts available inside a junk yard. Take a tour of a junk yard, you never know what you may find.